Fishing in Northern Michigan

Boyce BassThere are endless opportunities to go fishing where I live. I am surrounded by small inland lakes and I am always within minutes of getting into a good spot. I can fish from shore or from kayak, canoe, or boat and produce large amounts of fish from all. I mostly fish for bass but I get some other species sometimes.

There is nothing better than going out on the boat on an early, cool morning when the water is calm and foggy and catch fish. Hearing the early morning birds and watching as the sun peeks over the treetops. It is very relaxing and peaceful but can be exciting when you hook into a big one. Michigan’s lakes offer many opportunities, where people can enjoy themselves and find a peaceful spot. Fishing is personally my favorite activity because it never gets boring, there is always an exciting thing that happens and there are many different ways to fish. I usually fish for bass using a wide variety of lures and baits.

Lake fogAll bites that I get whether it is on a topwater frog or a jig is a rush of excitement. Fighting the fish and landing the fish is the best part. Figuring out which baits to use can be a challenge but sometimes they seem to bite anything, which makes for a fun day.

Owen Boyce-YCC Member , Bellaire, MI


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