Taking the Challenge

This blog post is a little different than most. What I’m writing about hasn’t actually happened yet, so let me back it up a little bit and explain. I’m in an agriculture class in my high school and along with being in the class, I am also a member of the Lapeer County FFA. Many people don’t know much about FFA, if anything at all. Members of the Michigan FFA Association participate in anything involving agricultural or animal related, from engineering to vet sciences to biology.

This is where my event that hasn’t quite happened yet comes into explanation. Each year, FFA members have to compete in a Career Development Event (CDE) at Michigan State University. Because I dream of becoming a wildlife biologist, I am competing in the Environmental and Natural Resources category of the competition. In this category of the competition, I am required to know all Michigan wildlife and aquatic species, as well as plants, trees, invasive species, aquatic insects and environmental tools. Along with that, my team and I will have to evaluate and judge a parcel of land and test the quality of a certain body of water.

There are 10 members on my team and we all have been working very hard for the past six weeks to prepare for this upcoming competition date. If our team places top, we move on to the national completion, which involves FFA chapters from around the entire U.S. My team and I only have a few more weeks until we complete and I cannot wait to update all of you on our results, we are all very excited, especially me!

Olivia Walker, YCC Member – Lapeer


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