We Have National Parks Too!

Here in Michigan, we have many outdoor opportunities, from the great lakes to the sand dunes, there are so many things to do! What you may not know is that Michigan also has quite a few National Parks right here in our great state.

Spotted by 35 campgrounds and lined with 165 miles of trails, Isle Royale is very beautiful.  Surrounded by Lake Superior, Isle Royale continues to be a hotspot for environmental research and everyday tourists like me. There are boatloads to do there! The National Parks Service suggests backpacking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving and fishing.


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Another popular place to go is Pictured Rocks, which is actually a National Shoreline. Pictured Rocks covers more than 40 miles of Lake Superior Shoreline. As a kid, I remember staring down at the water and hiking the trails with my family. There are over 100 miles of trails throughout the area that are amazing for sightseeing. Also, there are some really nice ranger lead tours.


One place that I love going to is Sleeping Bear Dunes. Sleeping bear dunes is also another national shoreline. Right on the coast of Lake Michigan, the dunes measure up to around 450”. My favorite thing to do there as a kid was slide down the sand dunes with my sister which is something that I have always remembered. In the summer it’s also fun to go swimming in the water and relax on the beach. Walking and biking the heritage trail are pretty popular activities too.

All of these magnificent places are just calling for adventure, and should be widely enjoyed for people of all ages. So take a couple of busy days off and enjoy the nature that Michigan has to offer!

Carolyn Hagler – YCC member, Grand Blanc


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