Early Spring Hike

Boyce photo

It can be hard to find outdoor activities this time of year for me. Ice fishing can be unsafe and there is no open water fishing because there is still ice. There is also no hunting that I participate in, so I usually enjoy hiking and taking pictures. It is a great time of year for hiking after the cold, snowy winter and it feels great to get some fresh air.

I have hiked multiple times these past few weeks. There are many trail systems close to my house that I can take advantage of even in the winter months. I always have my camera on my phone ready for pictures because there are many stunning sights in early spring. I have taken a number of quality pictures while I am on my hikes. The forest is returning back to life and it is not uncommon to see raccoons, porcupines, rabbits, and a variety of birds. The backdrop of snow and the growing amount of sunlight can make for some beautiful pictures.

It is usually this time or earlier when the bucks in northern Michigan shed their antlers. I always keep my eye out for sheds when I am in the woods because they are exciting to find. Also, by finding sheds you can find out what kind of bucks are in the area for future hunting spots. By hiking in the early spring, it gets you outdoors, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature returning to life, and take some great pictures.

 Owen Boyce, Bellaire – YCC Member




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