New Winter Activities and Waitin’ on Spring

Graham and smallmouth.png

Nice Grand River Smallmouth

This winter was one to remember. Not because of the mounds of snow we got in mid-Michigan (I wish), but the very opposite. With limited snow and warmer spurts of heat, it gave great opportunity for quality winter fishing. Prior to the warm weather, coyote hunting was an every weekend ordeal.


 Over the last year and a half, coyotes have increased their population in the local area. After multiple deer and chickens were killed near my house, my neighbor and I began decided to do a little hunting. I took advantage of this with my Savage .223. I began to stalk the predators and learn their habits. After successful hunts, I began to get offers from farmers to help control their coyote problems. Coyote hunting has became one of my favorite pass-time activities. These opportunities allowed me to grow closer to nature and to see the wilderness from a new perspective.

 Along with great hunting came quality fishing. I live near the Grand River, a well-known waterway in Michigan. As all fisherman know, the spring is the best time to consistently catch big fish. In my area, this includes walleye, small and largemouth bass, pike and catfish. Although it is just peeping into the spring season, the weather seems as if we are supposed to be rolling into the summertime soon. The fishing this year has been an above average year. After multiple 19 and 20+ inch bass, I have begun able to lower my long lasted fishing-fever. 

 With turkey season on the door step, it’s time to buy new decoys, a license, and some shells. One of the best outdoor sensations is hearing the thunder birds gobbling back to your call in search of that hen. Harvesting a turkey is a wonderful experience, one that you will always remember. But the most beautiful part of it all is being able to sit in the woods and see Mother Nature in action. 

Graham Smith, Portland – YCC member



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