Ice Fishing with a Twist

marissa-photoI’m not the type of person to sit inside and watch the snow fall from the window. I’m the type of person to bundle up, go outside, and seize all that the great outdoors has to offer, regardless of how brutally cold it may be. Distance running in the snow, ice fishing, and snowmobiling are some of my favorite winter outdoor activities, but since I have been laid up with a stress fracture in my foot and hobbling around on crutches since early December, I have been stuck inside resting, all the while itching to go outside.

After sitting still inside and resting for a little over a month, I just couldn’t take it any longer. I missed fresh air and going on adventures. So, when my high school out-of-doors club was organizing an ice fishing trip for the beginning of February, I signed up right away without even thinking about how walking on the ice with crutches would work out. Luckily, we were just fishing on a pond, so I didn’t have to walk very far. I took it slow, slipped a little, laughed about it, and managed not to wipe out. I was quite a comical sight, but that’s okay. It was a beautiful, sunny day – the kind of day that allowed me to sit on a five-gallon bucket and fish out in the open rather than be bundled up in a shanty. I caught eight fish and had a great time with the group that went out.

An outdoor fix was just what I needed after being stuck inside for so long. Although I don’t recommend trying to walk on ice with a broken foot and crutches, it was a risk well worth taking to enjoy the great outdoors. I never knew how much I would miss simple things like the smell of fresh-fallen snow or sunlight filtering through the trees until I was stuck inside with a cast and crutches. My lesson learned: never take the joy of being outside for granted and take advantage of every opportunity there is to be out in the fresh air.

Marissa Trombley, Saginaw – YCC Member


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