The Other November Holiday – Deer Season


I look forward to mid-November every year. Why? Firearm deer season opens on November 15th. And, with that comes many trips to deer camp. It’s safe to say that it is my favorite time of the year.

Deer camp is the only place where I like to wake up early. The cool, crisp mornings never get old to me. We get up, have coffee, and head out to the blind. On our way out, we can hear the rushing of the Menominee River and a distant four-wheeler. We get to the blind, and sit for hours. We watch Does eat all of the bait, and hope for a trophy buck to come walking in.

As fun as hunting is, that isn’t why I love deer camp. I love it because of the bonding that happens between our family and friends. I love it because it isn’t often that you get to go four-wheeling for miles in any direction, and not see a single soul. I love it because you can relax, and reflect on life in general.

Every year, almost 700,000 Michiganders take to the woods in search of a monster buck. My challenge to each and every hunter is to see the bigger picture of hunting. It’s about learning lessons that will help you in all stages of life. It’s about spending time in Michigan’s tranquil outdoors. Most importantly, It’s about spending quality time with loved ones.

Jake Putala – YCC Member, Pelkie


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