Five Minutes Is All It Takes

blog 2 picFeeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Overly busy? Take a deep breath, a step away from all the craziness that life tends to bring, and take a step outside. I’m no doctor, but you’re most likely long overdue for some ecotherapy. What exactly is this ecotherapy that I speak of? Well, it’s a term given to the stress, anxiety, and depression-reducing benefits that as little as five minutes spent outdoors can offer. There have been numerous studies proving that spending time outside is beneficial to health. Life is too short to be stuck indoors being unhappy, and the great outdoors is just too wonderful not to take advantage of. So take five minutes to watch a sunrise or sunset, and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. Those magnificent colors and clouds in the sky have quite a way of melting away any problems and making them seem much less significant than they did before coming outside. The key to relaxing a little and being happy really can be that simple. Going for a walk and taking in the outdoors can take any stress or anxiety away. A far away, preplanned adventure isn’t always necessary in order to get something great out of being outside. A few steps out of the office or into the backyard will work just fine. Got five minutes on your hands today? Get outside; I promise you won’t regret it.

Marissa Trombley, YCC member – Saginaw



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