A Walleye Surprise

Walley 2Most kids dread the end of summer for an obvious reason. While I too dread the onset of school, the last week of August always means the annual trip to the southern shores of Lake Superior for a week of fishing, swimming, picking blueberries (if there are any), and rock hunting. I always get the most excited about the fishing prospects. My earliest memories of my time spent at Del-Les Resort, between Paradise and Grand Marais, are of sitting on a dock watching sunfish nibble at a leaf worm. This summer, I was after walleye and bluegill on a nearby inland lake. The first night I was out, I set to work testing some new bluegill harnesses that I had read about and decided to try. I was a little surprised when my 8-foot light action rod with 4-pound test line bent double within ten minutes of trolling. My first thought was that I had hooked a clump of cabbage. However, I soon realized that it was in fact a fish on the end of the line and I grimly considered the chances I had of bringing in a largish pike on a rig meant for bluegill. I eventually coaxed the fish in, and to my surprise and delight, it was a walleye! I did manage to boat a couple of bluegills that night, but I was most excited about the three walleyes I caught, all over 20 inches.

Martin Chown – YCC member, Traverse City


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