End of Summer Bucket List

It seems like yesterday we were flying out of the school doors as soon as the final bell rang. We were elated to finally had freedom from our teacher’s lectures, the excruciating hand cramps that come from note taking, and hours of homework. We said our farewells to dear friends with the promise to hang out all summer long and the shared goal of never running out of new adventures. Now, with September just around the corner, we worry about the meager amount of days left to fulfill our goal. We are disappointed that we missed out on all the new experiences on our bucket lists. With the first day of school slowly encroaching, we let ourselves fall back into the bland, school-year mindset. But, fear not! We can still soak in these last weeks of summer! It’s never too late to create a summer bucket list!

Ten Adventures To Do Before Labor Day!

1.  Go camping and have a bonfire!

Jarvis 1

2.  Go kayaking! Be sure to bring a life jacket and a buddy!

Jarvis 2

3.  Climb a tree! All you need is a good tree and a partner to keep an eye on you as you ascend!

Jarvis 3

4.  Go fishing!

Jarvis 4

5.  Find a river to swim in! Go on a really hot day so it’s extra refreshing! Also, make sure the current isn’t too strong.

Jarvis 5.jpg

6.  Host a picnic!

Jarvis 6

7.  Go for a hike!

Jarvis 7

8.  Go for a challenging run with a friend!

Jarvis 8

9.  Watch the sunset!

Jarvis 9

10.  Build an awesome sand castle! Invite friends so you can team up and make it a sand castle building contest!

Jarvis 10



DOCUMENT ALL OF YOUR ADVENTURES— Always take videos and pictures of all your experiences. Not only is it fun to capture the moment, but it’s really great to look back at what you’ve done over the summer.

Nicole Jarvis – YCC member



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