A Sunday in the Woods

Well, spring finally arrived!  After the extended winter in Michigan this year, signs of spring began blooming.  By slowing down and looking closely I found the forest floor adorned with an array of new life popping through the soil.  Dainty Wildflowers to brilliantly colored fungi testified that spring had finally arrived.

Walking along the muddy banks of the St. Joseph river the tracks from several active critters were easily seen.  One can only imagine what sort of lively social scene comes alive after the sun disappears into the woods.

Further along, beautiful blue feathers scattered across a rotting log hint on an unsolved story of mystery.  While contemplating the suspects my attention was drawn the Ker-Plunk! sound of frogs jumping from their perches along the sunlit shore into the river, and high in the tree the chirping of birds.

The day was highlighted by the glowing hue of the sun as gently fell through the treetops.  A day full of nature made for an enjoyable hike.

Jordan Sanger, Litchfield

YCC member




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