Three Reasons to Love Hiking

Allen blog photo


Hiking is very relaxing. From standardized testing to extra-curricular activities, high school students, like myself, have a lot going on. Hiking offers a much needed break from those demands. When you step into the woods all your stresses disappear. Instead of listening to a lecture, you’re listening to the babbling stream. Instead of walking through school hallways, you’re walking through a hallway of trees. Instead of eating in the cafeteria, you’re having a picnic under the blue skies. Eventually, you have to go back to the classrooms, the hallways, and the cafeteria, but right now it’s just you and nature.


There is always somewhere new to explore. Unfortunately, it is impossible to hike every trail on the planet. You can visit all the National Parks or summit every mountain, but you will never see it all. There will always be something you haven’t seen or somewhere you haven’t been, and that’s the thrilling part of nature. Nature in infinite, so get out there and explore. Go find that spring you always hear, but never see. Go hike across the country. Go hike in a new country. Go have an adventure!


Hiking is a great way to bond with friends and family. It’s a common misconception that hiking has to be Survivorman alone in the woods with a backpack and a walking stick, but this is simply not true. Of course if you want to hike the Appalachian Trail all by yourself, please, don’t let me stop you, but hiking can also be a team sport. In fact, I personally think hiking is more fun that way. It is so rewarding to share nature with other people. Without the distractions of the city and technology, conversations and experiences are more genuine while on a hike.


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