Backyard Hockey

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As soon as our weather gets cold and the ground begins to freeze, my family knows what time it is: It’s hockey rink time!

I have played ice hockey since I was three years old so when my dad suggested that we build our own hockey rink in our backyard, my family was all in favor of it. We begin the process each year by getting all of our lumber and supplies together.  My brother and I help my dad build the frame; then we hook up the light poles.  Lastly, we lay down the plastic liner and then begin the filling process.  A garden hose is put inside the rink and allowed to run until it is filled with water.  We allow it to freeze and then spray over it lightly to make it smooth.

My brother and I spend a lot of our free time playing hockey on our backyard rink. It’s also fun to turn the lights on at night and invite our friends over to skate.  Michigan winters can be cold, long and dark, but we have a solution to enjoying those days outside – backyard ice hockey!

-Tyler Squires, YCC Member

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