Building Snowmen in Michigan

blog snowmen photo

Ever since I can remember, my friends and I have built snowmen. We have done so for the past 8 or 9 years, and it is somewhat of a tradition. Most winters we get enough snow to build 5 or 6 snowmen, more if we’re lucky. It requires great teamwork and determination and it is very rewarding at the end to step back and see what you have accomplished.

We live in the suburbs of Detroit and do not receive nearly as much snow as the Upper Peninsula does, but this does not stop us. This past winter was a rather mild winter and we did not receive much snow, as we only had one snow day. However, we worked with what we had and built two snowmen on our day off. This was quite an achievement for us. There was another day where we received a couple of inches of snow during the school day. The snow was already melting by the end of the day, which made it perfect for making snowmen. After school my track friends and I decided to build a snowman instead of going for a run as we usually do. We made this snowman and put him right in the middle of the football field. He melted a couple of days later, but it was fun nonetheless.

Some people may say that building snowmen is an activity for young children and not for teenagers. However, it is fun for all ages because you get to work together with your friends to make something from essentially nothing. Building snowmen is also a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful winters that Michigan is known for.

Caroline George  – YCC Member


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