The Big Bite

Is there a link between eating and catching fish? One of my most memorable fishing trips makes me think there might be. The last week of ice fishing for the year was here, when I decided to head out and fish for Northern Pike. Tip ups were going to be my primary gear. The fish seemed to be biting extremely light, so I set up the tip ups and sat in the middle of them. I kept on watching, ready to run over to one as soon as a flag sprang up.

I usually like to fish in the morning, starting around 9 o’clock and fish all the way until sunset.  The morning proved to be slow with no activity on the tip ups. At noon my hunger told me it was time to eat. I pulled out my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wasn’t even halfway done with my sandwich and a flag popped up. I threw down my sandwich and went over to the tip up to look. The spindle was spinning extremely fast.  I grabbed the tip up and started reeling it up.  Finally got the fish up to the hole and got my finger in the gills and lifted it up onto the ice.

Thinking to myself, wow this is the nicest northern pike I’ve caught all year. Once I had a chance to measure the fish it turned out to be about 30 inches. I was so thrilled!  After I got everything set back up and put my tip up back in the ice hole, I returned to the routine of watching my flags. Again for a while nothing was biting. Three o’clock rolled around and it was time for a snack. The candy bar in my bag was just what was needed. Just as before, after only one bite into the candy bar, another flag popped.  So, I ran over to the tip up and yanked on the line.   The pull from the other end told me it was a nice fish but after fighting it for 10 seconds, it shook loose. Ah man!, I thought to myself that would have been another nice fish.  Just maybe the pike might hit again so I set tip up back down in the hole.

I started walking back to my chair when suddenly the flag flew on the tip up 10 feet from the one I just lost a fish.  I walked over to it and saw the spindle was spinning out of control. I grabbed the line setting the hook quickly and the fight was on.  He was taking out so much line, it was unbelievable! After fighting this fish for 10 minutes, it was finally at the hole.  I could see it was a big Northern pike by the size of its head. I grabbed the fish by its gills, lifted it up and finally seeing how big this fish really was, I was amazed. Right away I knew this was the biggest fish that I’ve ever caught. I was jumping up and down with excitement. Adrenaline was pumping through my body. I was so happy! The pike ended up measuring 38 inches.  Still, to this day, the trip ranks as my best day of fishing ever! I’m so grateful was one day I decided to spend the day outdoors.

Jordan Kenyon- YCC Member


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