A Perfect Day Outside


It was the second to last day of the late turkey season, and my buddy and I went to his uncle’s house to hunt. This was the first time me and him went on a hunt together, we usually fish, but we wanted to try something different. When we got there we walked through his woods to go to his trail cam, where he sees all of his turkeys. As soon as we sat down behind this fallen down tree we started calling. After a few minutes went by we could hear some faint gobbles in the distance, we called more and they kept getting closer. We searched the woods to see if there were any gobblers lurking around. Suddenly two beautiful toms came strutting out looking for the mysterious hen. Me and my buddy both looked at each other to tell them which one we were going to shoot, he took the right and I took the left, as soon as both of us were ready we counted down from three and shot, killing the two birds. I enjoy the outdoors but when I spend it with a buddy and a successful hunt it makes me want to go outside more.

-Brennan Bower, YCC Member


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