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In a season where snow filled activities dominate free time, one winter past time inevitably comes to mind; skiing. In the far western Upper Peninsula where I enjoy my winters, skiing is king. To the great Porcupine Mountains hundreds of ‘Yoopers’ of the Ontonagon County flock during weekends, alongside throngs of tourists.

It’s not only here, however, that skiing is a chief pastime. All across the state of Michigan people enjoy the adrenaline rush and wind in their face as they fly down the hill. The skiing of which I speak of course is alpine, or downhill. There are other types of skiing available too, such as telemark skiing (a form of downhill) and cross country which my mom enjoys.

I prefer alpine skiing, and enjoy it especially when I can do it with my friends. A fast slope that requires a lot of quick cutting is my favorite, but there are many different runs so it does not have to be yours! Also, there is more to cross country than it would seem initially. It is more than a slow paced nature expedition. As my mom has told me many times, It’s quite the workout!

If you are looking for another way to enjoy winter and Michigan’s beautiful outdoors, I would encourage skiing. Whether to enjoy the speed of downhill or to better appreciate you’re beautiful surroundings with cross country, you will be satisfied. You can make quite a trip of it too, with family and friends, it makes for a memorable day!

Even if you’re not as fortunate as I am, with an easily accessible hill just minutes away, a couple of trips a year to any of Michigan’s spectacular hills can manufacture many unforgettable memories. To find Skiing Hills near you visit Pure Michigan’s website.

“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.” -Dave Barry

Henry Menigoz, YCC Member


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