Winter in Lower Michigan

MDNR forest

When you are looking for something to do when there is no snow. That is what I found myself doing this winter. I live in lower Michigan we haven’t had much snow at all.

What to do when there is no snow for snowmobile riding, sledding, and no ice for ice fishing or skating. You may find that just taking walks in the clear open fields or in the wide open woods can be very enjoyable too. During winter with no leaves to obstruct your view you can see for miles. Your eyes can get a glimpse of what happens in the forest when it is covered.  With all the openness you’re able to hear things around you that you might not have been able to hear before. It’s like a whole new world has opened up in front of you. If you just take sometime to clear your head, and go out and explore there is always an adventure waiting in the outdoors. Something  to enjoy even if there is no snow.

Sage Nash-YCC Member


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