What’s and Adventure?

Adventure (noun): an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

            What is an adventure, really? To me, it’s something fun, something that will give a good story to tell my grandkids one day, and it doesn’t necessarily even have to be hazardous. The cool thing about adventures though, is that you get to make up your own definition. It can be whatever you want it to be, and that’s quite an opportunity, especially here in Michigan, where an adventure always awaits. Whether it’s driving around on old back roads or discovering an untouched lake in the middle of the woods, it’s out there. The great outdoors of Michigan has so much to offer, regardless of the season. There’s no need to plan or spend a bunch of money; all you have to do is get outside and figure out your definition of an adventure!

Winter is approaching, but that doesn’t give an excuse to stay inside. Michigan winters can be brutal, but adventure certainly still exists out in that winter wonderland. Go snowmobiling and see frozen waterfalls and hidden lighthouses (http://www.munisingsnow.com/index.php?page=Things_to_See), go snowshoeing through tunnels of frosted pine trees (https://www.trails.com/activity.aspx?area=14574#trailid=SGM005-034s&lat=44.5755&lon=-84.47778&zoom=8&m=roadmap&a=SS), or go snowboarding or skiing and slice through inches of powdery snow (http://www.skimichigan.com). Get out there and embrace the cold…embrace the adventure!

Marissa Trombley




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