More than Hunting

A memorable hunting day can end without being successful.  Last deer season I learned how much more there was to enjoy.  The weather had been extremely cold and cloudy; no snow had yet fallen, so the crisp, colorful leaves of autumn still lay on the ground all around. This was just one of my many days my dad and I had ventured out in hopes of finding deer.

Patiently, we waited for the deer to appear.  While the deer seemed reluctant to show themselves, there were many other animals we spent time observing. The squirrels are the funniest and my favorite.  While we sat quietly the squirrels would chatter and throw nuts and twigs down making as much noise as they possibly could. They would chase one another through the trees, around the trunks and jumped from limb to limb.

Perched in the tree stand gave a different perspective to the woods. In the distance beautiful woodpecker tapped on a tree searching for grubs to feed its winter fat store. He had a nice shiny red head and his body was a beautiful grey. He reminded us of a jack hammer banging away. We also got to enjoy the sights and sound of a flock of cranes flying over head. What a magnificent sound they make.

From houses in the distance, the scent of burning leaves and wood blew across us through out the day. Being outside and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer is so awesome. Even though the opportunity to take a deer didn’t present its self that day, it was still a wonderful majestic day that I got to spend with my Dad.

Sage Nash – YCC member


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