Sitting under the stars can be an unforgettable experience. The breathtaking view makes looking away just is not an option. Each star has twinkles and shines like its existence depends on it.

One night, outside with friends, family members, and strangers just watching the stars my love of stars was born. when the idea of constellations just started catching my interest.  I grew up living in the city, which makes it hard to see stars.  All the ground light from buildings and the street lights drown out the view of anything that amazing.  When I finally saw a sky full of stars for the first time I knew my quest was to find a constellation .   My favorite one was Orion. I could never find him in the night sky though. However, the day before this beautiful night , I learned that Orion was made up of a mesmerizing star named Betelgeuse.  I like to call it “Beetle juice.”  Its easier to remember. Betelgeuse is a red giant star that marks one of Orion’s shoulders.

Easy I thought. All I had to do was find Betelgeuse, and that meant that I found Orion. Going outside with a blanket in one hand and cup of hot cocoa in the other I was determined to find Orion. I picked a spot at an empty picnic table and set up camp. After about two hours of drifting in and out of sleep, something caught my eye. Looking up I saw a star that was so bright it looked as if someone had set it on fire. I was sure this was “beetlejuice”. Knowing where Orion’s shoulder was, I followed the star up and sure enough, the stars made a head. Orion’s head. A sense of accomplishment came over me. This was the first constellation I found and even better, it was my favorite. Since moving out of the city into my new home I have had a lot of great experiences and one of them continues to be star gazing.

Haylie MIelnicki – Roscommon, MI


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