The Second Sound


As I climbed out of the truck and closed the door, the cold air hit my face, making me shiver. The wind was blowing and the snow was falling. I was excited. While walking, I noticed the cold weather had caused the trees to lose the last of their leaves. A few trees had freshly fallen snow on their branches, making them look spectacular and beautiful, while others had none on them making them look creepy.

The snow on the ground was fresh, it looked like sparkling diamonds, like you see in cases at jewelry stores.  I was still walking  around the area. This was the first time I had been here and it was really beautiful and the area had high hills, making it hard to walk up at times. When we finally made it to we where going to be sitting, the excitement overcame me and i kept moving around and then my dad said.” Chelsey stop moving,the deer will hear you and they won’t come so just stay in one spot and don’t move”.  I did as told.

Then after at least 30 minutes of just sitting there and waiting we finally heard some movement. So my dad got his binoculars out and was looking through them. He finally saw a squirrel, scampering on the ground and when he told me, I was pretty disappointed. So then it started to get a little dark and colder making my toes go numb and my cheeks rosy. I said to my dad “Can we leave i’m starting to get  cold” and he said “Just a little longer and we will leave”. So we stayed a little longer and still nothing came.  It was almost dark and we began packing up when we heard a second sound.  I was thinking it was just another squirrel but to my surprise it wasn’t.  A 6 point buck standing about 50 yards away from me and my dad!  So i slowly sat down and so did my dad and he took out the gun and gave it to me.  I shut one eye and looked into the scope and waited to get a clear imagine. I began to shake, it being my first hunt so I took a breath and waited till I had a clear shot. I aimed for the deer and my dad whispered “shoot when you’re ready.”  I squeezed the trigger and the gun fired.  The next thing I recall is the deer suddenly hitting the ground! I was so happy!  The excitement over taking me. My dad said “good job Chelsey you got your first deer!” I couldn’t believe it! When we finally finished dressing the buck,  it  was dark and we headed home. I knew my mom would be proud of me when I got home and when I did and came into my warm house my mom asked “did you get one?” and I said “Yes with the biggest smile on my face.”  All the sights, sounds and smells will make it one of my most cherished days.

Chelsey Reichelderfer – Roscommon


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