Baseball and Winter make it Almost Perfect

Living in a rural place in Michigan, naturally, the outdoors is a big part of my life. What I love about the outdoors is that there is so much open space there and you can do so many things.

My favorite thing to do outside is play Baseball. It is hard to pick out just one reason I like baseball, everything involved in baseball makes the sport great. The hitting, catching, sliding, diving, and the competition just makes it near perfect.

The outdoor gives us the opportunity to do our most loved things, whether it is in the winter or the summer, Michigan’s great out-of-doors  is one of the best!  The winter is another big thing that happens here in Michigan, that is if you can handle the weather. Like a lot of places everybody loves to celebrates Christmas and New Years Day getting outdoors, but around those times in Northern Michigan the temperature can fall below zero degrees and the wind chill has been know to drop to almost negative 40 degrees.  These temperatures can make it unsafe to be outside for a short time. Just wait a day or two and the temperatures will rise. Some people love it and other people hate it, but to me the seasonal changes is what makes me feel at home in my Michigan.

Hunter Hoffman –  Roscommon, MI


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