Musings on a Lake

Often times I can be found outside standing by our lake. The lake is a natural beauty and is best seen at sunset. The golden sun reflects off of the water that sparkles under the pinkish-purple sky. There is a calming peace that hangs over this place, unknown, undiscovered, unafraid. A beautiful place where I can be at peace, finally at a calm where nothing seems to matter but me, thoughtless and beautiful. The gallant lake stands out among all the beauties the eye has seen. Yet it is just another lake to most, to me it is a sanctuary a place I can sort my thoughts and sometimes stare at the stars. As dusk gives way to the night, stars at that lake are undreamable.  Their appearance is breathtaking! They shine brightly, sparkling across the lake, like lightning bugs in the night. The one’s we used to chase and catch as little girls, the one’s we would put in jars and show our mom’s and dad’s.

Though it is an unspeakable beauty there is an eerie darkness that hangs over the lake. There is a sense of uneasiness that stays throughout dusk and dawn. It is an unsettling feeling adding to the mystery of its beauty.

Winter’s palette turns the lake especially beautiful as it paints a picture of a cold Christmas day. Even when the lake is frozen It reflects just how beautiful and blissful nature can be. But at night the trees cast an eerie shadow on the frozen snow and the full moon makes it look haunted. The moon casts ghostly shadows on the newly fallen snow, giving it a ghastly appearance. Though the lake is more dangerous in the winter it is still peaceful, calm, and prominent. Lost in time, the lake isn’t as popular as it used to be, fewer people go there and the beauty remains silent, unspoken to the world until it reawakens in the spring.

Kelsey 14, St. Helens, MI


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