A Different Kind of Hunt

Each spring my family and I go hunting, but not the typical kind of hunt.  We seek the secluded morel mushroom.  The Spring breeze swooshes the vibrant leaves into the wind.  Scouting the ground from left to right and around every tree trying to find the hidden mushroom.  The mushrooms pop up beneath the leafy forest floor maintaining a great outdoor experience for my whole family.

The hunt for morel mushrooms is the best bonding time I have with my family in the outdoors.  My family and I start with the preparation of materials.  We put on our gear such as coats and hats.  Also, we gather bags with miniature holes to place the mushrooms in, and pack a lunch together in case we get hungry.  When we are all ready, we cram ourselves into the car, making small talk on the way to our secret spot.  As soon as we get there, we unpack our things and then it is a race to pick as many morel mushrooms as we can, having a little competition to find the most.  All of us would be crouching ever so slightly and moving silently, looking between every nook and cranny.  We can be out there for hours looking for the concealed mushroom.  As our journey ended, we unpacked our lunches and gobbled them down.  Finally comes the official tally to determine the winner.  After a long day, we head home and prepare the morel mushrooms to cook the next day.

I find that doing an outdoor activity with my family is the best way to bond.  Hunting for the hidden morel mushrooms with my family is the best.   Even though it is silent when looking for the mushroom, my family and I have never bonded so much as we do in the outdoors.

Bryan Budd, 14 – Roscommon


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