Family Fishing Fun

There I was. In the almost crystal clear Boyne River with my line in the water and no moon above my head. The LED spotlight was strapped onto my head. I was frantically looking into the water trying to see which salmon would be the best to catch. I was ankle deep in the water and a fish easily three foot long hits my ankle slightly, then darts off. I turn to face the hole I was fishing, and see at least five fish in this one tiny hole! Things like that do not happen everyday. The outdoor world is the best way to get active and entertain. Fishing is one of those many things, it can get your adrenaline rushing, and it’s something the whole family can do.

Fishing is a great active sport and keeps a person entertained at the same time. “More than 44 million Americans six years of age and older enjoy fishing every year.” Fishing gets the heart beating fast as you reel in the big one, it may be one of the most memorable moments of a person’s life, and if they have never fished before, it may feel even better. Fishing is a great sport to try.

Fishing is a family friendly sport. “Family fishing vacations can be great family bonding experiences.” When the family is having a good time and bringing in the fish, it is a great experience. Thats why if someone knows a great fishing spot, or lake, their family can have one of the most memorable times of their lives. Even if the parents do not fish much, they still have as much fun as the kids. I remember when I was younger and needed bait or my line needed to be untangled, my dad would come over to help and teach me how to do it. He never got a minute of fishing done. When one of us kids would reel one in, I would look up and see the smiles on the faces of mom and dad as they removed the hook. Even though they were helping and not fishing, it was still a great family experience, which makes it a family friendly sport.

Fishing is only one of the great outdoor activities to get involved in . We need to get outside and participate in these activities so that we can enjoy the outdoor world before it is too late.

Connor Kozumplik, 14 – Roscommon


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