The Nature of Things

There are so many wonderful things to experience in the outdoors, for instance the wildlife, the stars, or just nature in general. The wildlife in nature is truly something to behold. The wildlife has a very important part in our lives, and in sustaining the natural world. Sometime this is hard for us to understand. We usually think nothing of it, but the wildlife makes nature possible. Nothing in nature would be able to live without wildlife because of the food chain and all the things that are connected.

The stars at night are one of the most beautiful things in nature. The stars provide us with all of the light we need to see in the darkness.  They have helped astronomers discover new planets and galaxies. The stars are beautiful, but did you know that the light we see is not what at that star’s location now.  The light we see from stars was emitted years ago.  Who know if a star you are looking at even exists anymore.  Nature is an amazing thing to experience, as it holds many adventures. With all of the vast forests and grassy plains, there is bound to be discovery around every corner. Some great stories have been forged by the exploration into the wilderness of our home planet, sometimes even discovering untold riches. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in nature, like the stars, the wildlife, or even nature in general. All a person has to do is just get up and get their explorer on.

Landon Adams – Roscommon, MI


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