A Short Walk in the Snow

As I walk outside I feel the soft white snow crunching under my feet and the chilling snowflakes hitting my face. Winter was not my favorite season, however it was beautiful. The scenery was something out of a movie, trees covered in a thin coat of glistening snow,snowflakes fluttering around, and the chilling winter wind lightly blowing. I was walking to a friends house, which was not far away. Although a walk in the winter can feel longer than it really is. As I looked around a saw something that made me stop in my tracks. A small rabbit bounded across the snow covered field. As It came to a stop I snapped a quick picture, capturing the beautiful scene in a photo that would last longer than the snow. After the rabbit bounded away I walked over to the tracks and looked at the small prints. When I walked into my friends house, shuffling off the snow crowded around my feet, I told her about the beautiful scenery, and of course the cute little rabbit. The walk out in to this winter wonderland was a short one but the sight is something that I can remember for a long time

Madeline Hill (14) Roscommon, MI


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