Ring Necks and Teal

My hunting trip on the afternoon of October 25th couldn’t have been any better. My two friends, Dad, and I went out pheasant and waterfowl hunting.  The weather was perfect, about 60 degrees with a nice breeze blowing.  The fall colors were all around us, such an awesome sight!  We were working the dogs along the ditch edge for pheasants.  The dogs were hard at work searching the tall grass for the birds.  One of the dogs when on point and flushed a bird.  My buddy took a fantastic shot and the pheasant was quickly in his game bag.  Then another was flushed from the grass a little farther on and again my buddy took the bird.  Then one flushed in may shooting zone and I was able to take that one.  We ended up taking four pheasants that afternoon.

Sage Nash - Blue Wing Teal

Then it was on to some waterfowl hunting.  We were along the shore line of the pond when my dad flushed a duck.  I quickly shouldered my shotgun and took the shot.  The duck tumbled down and splashed into the water.  It was a beautiful blue wing teal.  This was my first duck I have ever taken.  What a great hunting afternoon it was.  I am very thankful we are able to enjoy our wonderful and great Michigan outdoors.

Sage Nash – Youth Conservation Council member


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