Grouse and Granpa’s Cabin – Tim Lorenson

Friday afternoons have to be the slowest school days ever.  The clock in the classroom said it was 3:10. We get out of school at 3:15.  Five more minutes of studying!  What made it worse was that that I was going to my Grandpa’s cottage and hunt ruffed grouse for the weekend.

The school bell finally rang and later that evening, I loaded my ATV into my father’s truck. Before leaving I went to the local fish Friday fry with my family. I finished eating and said goodbye. Everyone wished me luck and off I went. It was about 7:45, the sun was setting, when I pulled into my Grandpa’s cottage. My Cousin helped me unload my ATV and I unloaded the rest of my hunting gear into the cottage.  Once I finished unpacking as sat down and did some homework that evening.  Even in grouse camp you need to keep up with studies.

I woke up around 6:15 AM and ate some breakfast. It was a quick camp breakfast and included doughnuts and hot chocolate. I left the camp and went out to get my ATV ready for hunting behind the cottage with my Uncle and my Cousin. We drove around for about two and half hours.  We split up to hunt. I flushed two grouse and my Uncle and Cousin saw five and was able to shoot two. We headed back to the cottage for lunch.

After lunch we watched football games to pass some time. We have found that hunting in the early afternoon is not that successful.  When 2 o’clock rolled around and we headed out for another hour to two. This time I went with my other Uncle and we drove some roads further away from the cottage. We only saw one grouse and never got a shot. It was a successful day, because my Uncle shot two grouse. We consider grouse to be taken in the early season to be bonuses. It is always harder to see the grouse, because of all the vegetation that is still in the forest. It just makes everything harder to see.

The next morning the power was out. The wind was blowing wickedly and a circuit blew out somewhere down the road from use. There was about 400 cabins without power for at least an hour. So we waited a bit longer to go out hunting.   Because of the power outage we decided to try behind the cottage again. We were out for about one and half hours and saw absolutely nothing! Not even a deer! We went back to the cottage and packed up and slowly got ready to leave. I drove my Grandpa back to his house and my Grandma had cupcakes made for him. We wished him a happy birthday and I hung out at their house for about an hour.

We all had a good weekend hunting. The best part about hunting to me is that I was out in the woods and at my grandpa’s cottage spending time with my family members. The worst part is when I get home and realize that I didn’t finish my homework for Monday and still had to get it done.

Spend time with your family and happy hunting!



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