Reed City Science Inquiry: North Manitou Island Trip; by Ashley Andres

The water was cluttered with boats that day as the students tried to contain the excitement they felt.  We were anxiously  waiting for the ship that was going to ferry us to North Manitou Island. The water was rough but, we arrived at the island right on schedule; that’s when the adventure began.

We slung our heavy packs over our shoulders and began the grueling hike across the island. The sweat streamed down our backs and across our brow as we trudged through the trees and tall grass. When we arrived at the right location, camp was built.  It was an amazing site tent by tent, hammocks, clothes lines and water filters all hung making it almost feel like our own little city built right among the trees.

Everything was finally done when the camp was attacked, the micro bears (chipmunks) were insistent not giving up their chances at our food supplies, but we stood tall and the battle raged on throughout the night. The mighty soldiers of the group put up a fight, slingshots at hand they chased the invaders away from our temporary civilization. After a couple of days, our professors decided it was time to leave we all prepared for the hike back, our packs slightly lighter than before due to the supplies lost to the invaders of the night before. The hike felt shorter than before.  When we arrived at the pier, three long days without bathrooms or showers the group was not the best smelling but the ship captain welcomed us all the same.

The ride back was the perhaps the greatest trial of the trip with a storm on its way.  The choppy waters rocked the boat heavily and made more than one of us feel unpleasant.  We all managed to survive the trip.  Once back on the mainland the group thanked the leaders for the wonderful experience that the island had to offer.

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