Fishing Canada Style by Sigurd Utych

August 22 was a pretty exciting day.  After all it was my first fishing trip to Canada.  The day started early on Friday morning, when my friends Dan and Laurna Moore picked me up at 7:00am on their way to Canada. The Moore’s have been going on this fishing trip for 23 years. After we crossed the bridge to Soo, Ontario we stopped at the Visitor’s center and purchased our 8-day fishing licenses. We spent the rest of the day driving over 350 miles north to Longlac, Ontario.  We found a small motel that suited us perfectly for the night. The next day we were able to meet the outfitter (O’ssullovin Lake Outfitters) and launch the boat into the lake.  It wasn’t long before we started catching all kinds of Northern Pike. The area was very beautiful and undeveloped. This was an unusual site for me, since many of the lakes in Michigan have numerous houses along the shore.

Long lake

During the week we caught over 70 pike and 16 Walleyes. Most of the pike were released because they were between 18 and 23 inches long. The pike we try to freeze and take back are between 25 inches to 27 inches. We even found some unusual treasure in the water.   The biggest item was a Cabela’s fishing pole with an Abu Garcia reel, and several fishing lures.


We saw a lot of wildlife while traveling; even passing a mother black bear with 2 small cubs that looked like black fuzz balls running across the road and a cow moose on the shoulder of the road. This trip was very exciting and I am looking forward to going again in 2015.

Long lake 2


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