Fishing Beats the Couch Anyday

I am sure you have experienced one of those lazy summer days just vegetating on the couch. This recently happened to me, when the thought popped into my head, “Why not go fishing!”

I decided to go brook trout fishing at one of my favorite streams, Powdermill Creek in Gogebic County, just a few miles from my house. After pulling myself off the couch and quickly gathering up my fishing gear, making sure I had bait, I left for the stream.

Lorenson Trout stream

It felt great to be heading to the stream with the fishing pole, tackle, and bait in my backpack. After a leisurely ride I arrived at the stream.

This stream is like a good friend that I know very well.  The pool below some nearby riffles seemed like a good place to start. Not long after making my first cast, I suddenly felt a sharp tug My adrenaline kicked in, I set the hook, and began to reel. The fish fought back pulling on the line and I saw the bright flash of color going back and forth. As I brought the fish closer to shore, I could see it was a nice size Brook Trout and finally scooped it up in my trout net.

Although I was very sure it was a Brook Trout I checked it against the Fishing Handbook printed by the MDNR and measured it to make sure it was of legal size—it was! I ended up catching a couple more Brookies that afternoon; enough for a nice supper.

In Michigan we have many good fishing locations that are usually not too far from home. Getting out and enjoying the outdoors, and catching some fish, is a much better way to enjoy the day.  Get out and enjoy our state’s great fishing!

Lorenson - brook Trout

Tim Lorenson


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