My Michigan Summer

Everyone seems to have a favorite way to spend Michigan summer.  Mine is to head north.  This last week, a few of my friends and I packed up the car and started our journey.  We exchanged the busy suburbs of Detroit for a much different place.  Buried deep in the woods outside of Grayling, right on the bank of the AuSable River, is the best place in the whole world. There is a cabin that sits about 15 feet from the babbling north branch.  It acts as my haven from a busy week of work.

The first thing we do when we get here is change into our swimsuits and jump into the still frigid waters.  We splash and play, diving under water with our goggles on, catching glimpses of little brook trout darting by.  By the time we can tear ourselves away from our new underwater world, its time for dinner.  We grill some hot dogs and sit on the dock, listening to the birds and enjoying the warm evening.  Before we know it, the sun is setting and we are freezing in our swimsuits that we never bothered to change out of.  We all scurry inside and make a roaring fire in the family room.  Every one of us is exhausted from our playtime in the river.  I am now sitting next to the fire, wrapped in my favorite wool blanket as my friends begin to doze off around me.

To me, nothing says Michigan summertime more than good company and a cozy log cabin.  

Claire Erwin


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