To Look Upon Life as an Adventure

My favorite quote by William Feather claims “one way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” I fell in love with this quote and chose to include adventure in every aspect of my life.

Early in our relationship, a friend and I always played a questions game, where we would take turns asking the other a question. At first they were silly questions to uncover any red flags that scream insanity. Then they slowly dwindled down to the specifics. After running out of good questions, I remember asking him if he was into kayaking. I, myself, am not much at kayaking. We both had only been out a handful of times so we agreed to plan for a few trips in the summer.

This past week, the weather was prime for kayaking; the summer sun was warm, we were free from prior commitments, and the Boardman River was calling. We picked up my older sister, loaded the kayaks, packed some water, put swimsuits on, and took off toward Traverse City. We put in at the Beitner Canoe Launch along with several other serious kayakers. I was so excited when I placed my kayak in the river and quickly, excitedly, and very unsteadily hopped into it. Once in, the river only barely allowed me 3 seconds to steady myself before it took me sailing downstream, heading for this HUGE tree sticking out from the riverbank. I took a hard crash into it, laughing at my clumsiness and silently praying to gain control. While struggling to get my kayak out and away from the encroaching side brush, I then realized the strength of the current. I continued out and started paddling to join my fellow kayakers, and noticed they were struggling to avoid large rocks protruding the surface of the river. We were in the Keystone Rapids! We continued on for almost another two miles of rapid moving water, until it slowed down to a shallow area. It was the perfect amount of adventure, and I loved it! We jumped out of our kayaks to splash around in the water, take in the surrounding beauty, and take a few pictures of course! We finished off our trip a couple hours later. After pulling out, we all agreed that we loved it and decided to plan for a bigger day trip.

For those who are not big into kayaking, or those who have yet to experience it, I highly suggest they give it a try. I have learned that adventures are truly the best way to live life to the fullest, and I challenge everyone to seek adventure every day.

Nicole Jarvis

Jarvis Kayaking


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