Out on the Water

You know that feeling you get when you jump into a cool lake after sitting in the hot sun all day? It is probably one of my favorite feelings. Every year in July, ever since I was little, my family and I go to Houghton Lake for a few days. One of our favorite things to do is to swim in the lake. If you are like me and have a few mischievous younger family members, swimming will almost always end up in a splash fight, or maybe even a wet sand fight.

Another activity we enjoy on the lake is tubing. My sister and I both love the feeling of speeding across the water, at what seems like one million miles per hour, while being pulled behind a boat. When I go tubing I always lay face down on the tube. Because I do this, the cold water splashes on my face, and I have to hang on for dear life. Not only is tubing a huge adrenaline rush, it can also give you an amazing view of the lake.

When the sun starts to set, we head for land. Once we get back, my dad lights a campfire, and we roast marshmallows underneath the stars. With the crackling of the campfire, the taste of sweet marshmallows, and the lovely lake as a background, it really feels like summer.

Anna Hagler


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