Taking the Path Less Traveled

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is the one place in Michigan that everyone needs to visit. Living in Northern Michigan, I have visited many times.  Often trips are planned to avoid the large masses of tourists that come to explore by going at different times.  Most people, myself included always thought that the main dune climb was the only attraction. Recently though I discovered, there are many different hiking and outdoor adventures all along the lakeshore. Exploring the Pyramid Point Trail is just one example of a wonderful trip. It is a 2.7 mile long trail that features a beautiful lookout point that lies high over Lake Michigan. The hiking trail offers maple-beech forests, high bluffs, and meadows. There are great photo opportunities, and of course, great adventures worth capturing on selfies.

Nicole Jarvis


Nicole selfie

This past week I visited with some close friends. It was a long drive out, but we chose the perfect day to visit! The lookout point was my favorite; you stand above a long steep bluff overlooking a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. Although it is not suggested to descend down the bluffs, there are some spots that are perfect for running down. It is really fun if you can find your way down to the beach. We got down to the shoreline after a long hike, and went swimming in the water. It was really cold, but very refreshing! Just be sure to remember bug spray when you go hiking, or you do face the consequences.

Sleeping Bear Dunes



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