Schools out for Summer

Have you ever had your dog run off on you?  This is how it recently happened to me.  As the last few weeks of school drag by, and the last bit of cramming come to a close, I found myself itching to be outdoors. In the prior  few weeks, I had been outside in my spare time as much as possible. One evening, a friend and I took my dog down to Sand Lakes Quiet Area, located just outside of Traverse City in Williamsburg. It is such a great location for hiking, fishing, and enjoying nature! My dog, Koda, absolutely loved it. After about two miles into the walk; he chased after some critters and disappeared! The sun was slowly slipping behind the trees, and we were running out of time, we wandered throughout the trails, calling his name without any luck. After almost two hours of searching, approaching the verge of dusk, we began to head back to the truck. Just as we caught sight of the car, an ecstatic, energetic Koda came dashing at us. It was such a relief! As you all are getting outside and enjoying this wonderful weather, I do warn you, be sure to keep your beloved pets close in sight and on leashes!


Nicole's dog Koda

This time every year, the morel mushrooms pop out from beneath the leafy forest floor, providing a great outdoor experience for the whole family. Over Memorial Day weekend, my family went out morel mushroom hunting several times. There is a picture of my sister, smiling in the woods, taking a break from hunting. We explored all throughout the woods, finding a whole bucket full, and we’ve been eating them every night! Such a yummy treat J

Morel mushroomsNicole's sister


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