Early season geese

What a great start to a wonderful day getting outdoors and setting up in the early morning on the first day of early goose season. About 6 AM my good friend Gene, my Dad, and I were preparing for a morning goose hunt. It was a cool morning with the bright red sun glowing through the trees. I love it in the early morning it’s always so peaceful and calm.

 To give a little early goose season tip we always set up our blinds about a month ahead of the opening day. We do this so the geese get use to seeing our blinds and won’t get spooked by them. We use plastic geese decoys made by Flambeau. These decoys resembled the real thing so much I had taken a picture once and sent it to my mom; she thought they were the real geese in the field. So we were all set up and we could hear the geese honking on the other side of the lake. About an hour after sun rise a flock of 20 flew by us. They were too high for us to shoot. Half hour later we spotted a group of four that circled us. We were able to call them in and were able to take three of them. Gene had brought his German shorthaired pointer to retrieve the birds for us. When those birds started to fall she shot out of the blind after them. She is the best retrieving dog I have ever worked with. A little while later three more came our way and we were able to take two of them. This was one of my best goose hunting days, being outdoors and having a good friend and my dad along side me. Being able to share this moment with them I will never forget it.

 I enjoy being outdoors, walks through the woods and fields. I love capturing pictures of the outdoors and wildlife. With those photos I enjoy drawing and painting from them. No matter which activity it is like biking, walking, kayaking, fishing, and or hunting everyone should get outdoors and enjoy them. Try something new you never know you may find a new pass time that you will love.  

By Sage Nash


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